I've always loved projects.
I haven't necessarily called them projects but I love grabbing a theme jumping onto a bandwagon ...solo or with others... clearing space, mental physical, and giving it all I've got.
I love to eat, breathe, sleep a project, a challenge, a "thing".
I love how it encompasses everything. It magnifies and in that miraculous way expands one's horizon.
A project latches onto its own universal energy and gloms onto similar like-minded energies.

Love. That.

I love that the internets is full of ongoing projects.
Nanowrimo . 52 projects . Texture Tuesdays . Flashback Thursdays . Freebie Fridays . The Sketchbook Project . Doodle Swap . Mail Art . ATCs . 20 Things . 100 Artists . The Mirror Project . Art By The Inch . Art Every Day . 365 Days . Project Life . Index Card-a-Day . and on and on and on.

I have 2 current projects.

1. Ten Teeny Things ... 10 artists create 10 things (TEENY things, the size of a small matchbox) send them to me and I return 10 individually artistic creations to each artist. This will be my 3rd time doing this type of project and I've been thrilled with the outcome. Can't imagine this one will be any different!

The First 20 Things!

2. A small Altered Book RR with 4 other people. As snobby as it sounds, the artistic caliber is high for this one, and I love how it makes me really stretch my thought process. What will my book be? How will it be presented? What do I hope for my compatriots experience to be when in front of my book? (wow. that was one awkward sentence/question!) I'll leave it at that for the moment, though that brain string led me down the most awesome path yesterday!!

Back on track ... Projects!

So. If you ever hear of an awesome project and think I might be interested? I probably am. Write me. Tell me. Let me in ... I'm ready to jump!

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