You may recall I proffered an art challenge back in February, which I might add is STILL on if you are so inclined. Alas. No one took me up on it.

Until Julie!

Julie is an online friend I met when we were both training for Ironman and frequented the now defunct site. We've come a long way baby! I think my challenge came up while she was trying to simplify/declutter her home and it was just a teensy bit easier to get rid of stuff by justifying it as helping someone else out. Or not. I do know that her husband was oh! so! glad to get rid of Mr. Simon Sayz (blurred in the background up there) and did ... DOES... not want him returned in my finished piece.

But Julie. You totally have to tell M.H. that he won't look anything like his former self. Promise.
Cuz. oh boy do I have ideas!!


  1. oh boy, can hear your wheels turning from here!
    Looking forward to the raucous assemblage & Mr. Simon
    in his new role ;>]

    1. wheels turning indeed! I have to make contingency plans lest Julie's DH decides Simon just canNOT come home! ;)

  2. Cool challenge, and great photo!!!
    I still haven't mailed you the ornament. Arghh!

    1. Thanks Carol! No worries on the ornament. I'm not going anywhere. ;)


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