Finish line's in sight

Above, Wind Angel taxed me right to the end. Changing from "male" to "female" and back to male, he didn't like anything I was doing. Resolutely silent and ungiving, I struggled to figure out each and every component, trying a myriad of solutions before hitting on the right one.

I know. That sounds crazy. And I'm okay with that. But if you want the real story, each piece talks to me. Most are quite happy to let me know which direction to go in, vehemently letting me know when I take a wrong turn. But Wind Angel? Not so much. When I tried something ... I was met with silence. Cold, cold silence. Okay, I say, So you don't like that. Then what?!? Silence. arghhhhh!

Bit by bit as he hung over my head, I mulled over each component until... finally... silence still but quiet happy silence. Bliss. Score!

Above, Angel of Light was conceived over 7 years ago when I first came up with the Angel Of... series. Right down to every specific component. Ironic that she was the last to be completely finished. Soldering does that to me!
Angel of Mirth ... Ah! You Jester. You! The head-on-a-stick is removable from its base. All the better to clack the moveable jaw and hat bells! She started out as an overhaul of a Mexican marionette I have (was given?) But I just couldn't figure out how it would be held making for a ridiculously unwieldy structure. I thought some more about "mirth" ... physicality was definitely necessary meaning it needed to be funny and noisy and able to be held. That's when I happened upon the Jester Stick and it all kind of fell into place. And yes, my brain immediately glommed onto a skull with moveable jaw as "head". Why would you think otherwise?!?

Making some quick mixed media pieces and then I'm ready for the opening on Friday, March 21 (from 4 to 6pm). If you're in the area of The Biscuit Eater in Mahone Bay? Stop on by. I'd love to see you!


  1. I can't stop laughing everytime I see 'The Angel of Mirth'!


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