• Opening on Friday...

    Angels at The Biscuit Eater

    ... and a little bit more about the Introduction to Assemblage Workshop.

    This will be divided over 2 Wednesday afternoons (though you CAN sign up for just the first day only those who go to the first can register for the second class.

    The first day we'll be focusing mostly on discussion ... with a little history of the art of assemblage, what tools you might need, what supplies you should consider and how to move toward actually creating a 3-dimensional piece of artwork using found objects. By the end of the afternoon I hope we will be moving toward the "making" part and asking second day participants to bring 3 to 5 items that will be incorporated into their first assemblage.

    The second afternoon will see us identify structure, how we might assemble disparate objects and how to attach "this to that" with, hopefully, enough time to contemplate final decoration. There will be building in this class so come prepared to make something and start your journey in this obsessive, compulsive endeavor known as Assemblage!

    1. MANY CONGRATS on this,
      break both legs!! ;>D

      1. Thanks Miss Sweetpea. I hope at least one non-family member attends. lol

    2. Oh this sounds amazing. I would be there in a heartbeat if it were closer!

      1. Thanks Seth. It was fun. Enough new people to be interesting but not so many as to be overwhelming. A lovely, comfy venue!


    354 Sarty Road RR2 . Wentzell Lake
    Nova Scotia . Canada