The angels are taking up residence in my studio. Slowly. Surely.

I'm still waiting for temperatures to rise to finish off Angel of Light.
Angel of the North, now wanting to be called Wind Angel was hanging from my lights and now split in half while I detail her face. Funny but I truly thought it would be a "he". Seems not. Who am I to question? Just channel Jennifer. Just channel.

Angel of the Sea ... oh. my. but she is a dark and mysterious creature. I'll try and take a shot of her in the dark. All luminescence and sheen she is. And the first time I had a really legitimate use for my Interference Blue that I purchased some 10 years ago! There's a little spot on the topmost shell that just makes me swoon.

Are you like that?
Do your creations fall just short of expectation but for a little piece of pure excellence?
Or is that just me?


Carla Trujillo said...

WoW!!!! She came out awesome!! What's draped over head and shoulders?

Just Jen said...

Thanks Carla! That'd be kelp. picked off the beach. soaked in regular water and then brushed gel medium on one side. I haven't done enough testing to know if it'll survive the long haul so likely she won't be for sale. but I can still SHOW her. lol

Lisa Purcell said...

I think she is outstanding.

Denise Litchfield said...

I'm pretty sure my interference blue has the same birthday - but she has company in the interference green I got as well. *sigh*

Just Jen said...

oh the lure of shiny things, huh?!?!

Rural Urbanite said...

We're so looking forward to hosting your show here at The Biscuit Eater!
Cara and Frederick

Just Jen said...

Thanks for the opportunity, Cara & Frederick!

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