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I've had my nose to the grindstone since returning home which hasn't been easy what with colds and hockey games (Go Canada Go!). But I've managed to finish one assemblage for the Biscuit Eater show, with the other four in some form of progress.

This is Our Lady of Sorrow formerly known as Angel of Sorrow.
Elements include half a wooden top from the  crawl space in our basement (I have no idea how old it might be but likely was part of a barrel that was stored under there), porcelain angel figurine, polymer clay heart laced with wire, dollar store frame. The wooden "halo" is finished with wax and rusty nails. She is meant to be hung on a wall.

A glimpse into Angel of the Sea ... you can see how things jump from elegant to a little odd. Trust me when I say, the next step becomes even more ..erm.. dark! And yes, that is real kelp. I soaked it in water to get rid of some of the salt/sand and then let it dry. Then coated one side with gel medium. I hope that will preserve it but have done little research so she may not end up for sale. I'm particularly pleased with the "barnacles" simply gel medium pushed through sequin waste. Love it when a plan works out!

With Angel of the Sea all but complete, I'm moving on to the final three ... Angel of Light who should be done tomorrow, just waiting for it to be warm enough in the basement to solder! ... Angel of The North who is going through the design phase in my head right now ... Angel of Mirth who went through a massive change moving from a marionette base to a Punch & Judy concept. with a MAJOR twist. can't wait to get to that one!

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