Miss Sweetpea, you have created a monster!
Yes, a good monster. But a monster nonetheless.

 At some point last year my ancient version of photoshop ...7 I think. I never upgraded to CS3 which I swapped for a bunch of years back... ceased to work on my computer. Some sporadic (the WORST kind imho!) glitch that when some random series of keystrokes were hit, would seize my computer. I reinstalled but to no avail. I eventually uninstalled PS ...first time in close to 20 years I was without my precious... and used pixlr.com as my 'go to' photo editing program. It's actually pretty decent. With some nice features in the 'express' version and the 'editor' looks exactly like a PS interface. Only it isn't. But. Ya know. The price was right. And I wasn't using it much anyway.

And then. Two days ago, the aforementioned Miss SP, introduced me to picmonkey.com.
Be still my PS-craving heart!
Yes, it has ads [and at times my cranky internets connection slows waaay down].
Yes, it has some (to me) dorky additions.
But. BUT. You can add overlays/textures. AND edit them. AND blend them.
And there are some very cool filters ...many of them, ironically, that I'd installed on my PS.

Yesterday I went out for a photoshoot walk.
First time in well over a year, eager to get back and play with imagery.
It was so. much. fun.

Let's forget that I was going to finally get started on some paintings, shall we?


  1. Well, looks like you're having a fine time and if you were that anxious to get back from a walk
    and play with imagery
    then seems like its saying something important to ya.

    And there's no ads - plus plenty of additional effects & fonts - if you upgrade ;>D
    I'm not really helping the painting situation, am I ?!

    1. hey miss sweetpea! I missed this. mea culpa milady!
      and no you really weren't helping. :)
      but that's okay. as with all things, this too will pass. xo


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