a late 2013 wip ... one of my 'need to finish' projects

... I find it hard to embrace a new year. not because I'm afraid of letting go. on the contrary. I don't generally look back. which maybe is the reason the idea of a "new year" and all that comes with it ... hopes, expectations, resolutions etc... are a foreign concept. at the least something I have difficulty with.

but also. because the lead up to the holidays is busy. and full of social gatherings. and as a dyed in the wool introvert, who's general idea of "being social" is once every week or two, the constant going out and partying not to mention a houseful of family. well. as much as I love them it takes me days if not weeks to replenish my reserves.

I have so many plans going on in my head ... rejigging my studio, delving into cloth and clothing and natural dyeing and applying all of that to mixed media, finishing some left-undone projects, collaborations, maybe a 20-things swap. the list just goes on and on.

but I have yet to act on anything.
operative word "yet".
it's coming though.
the needle is almost  back at "full".
and then my friends?
you ain't seen NUTHIN yet!


Sweetpea said...

Well now, this is all sounding QUITE WONDERFUL.

p.s. ditto everything about being an introvert ... and replenishing ;>]

Petra said...

sounds fantastic. happy new year xoxo

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