Some art

September has been a crazy busy month.
Did I mention I hate crazy busy?
Yah. Well I do.
Hate it.
Because my cranky brain wants to do whatever it can't.
Belligerent two year old brain.

I did however get a chance to work in some books.

This was started at the same time as I was doing the Green Doggie Series. Clearly I was trying a different palette! The background was done using plastic wrap and gesso. If you've never done that particular trick, you're in for a treat.
(quickie tip: paint substrate flat black. let dry. pain w/white gesso. lay down plastic wrap to cover and smoosh. let dry. lift wrap. voila!)

  Lots of texture and stuff in this spread. I was trying to really push past my natural stopping point by just adding and adding and adding. Really too busy for my taste but I did accomplish what I set out to do.

This spread was done quite some time ago but thought it kinda went with the previous one. This was one of those 'slap it down/don't think' kinda pieces. Whenever I flip through my journal it never fails to jar my senses. A Good Thing, I think.

I rarely under do things (as you can see by the date, an old entry).
This one is so clean it jars me in the same way as the one above does. For exactly the opposite reason. A bit of quiet in an otherwise cacophonous world!

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