on an atc rampage...

As mentioned previously, I will be hosting an ATC Make'n'Trade. And because I think it's rude not to have anything to trade, I've been frantically ...well. okay. not frantically. more like steadfastly... making lots. Enough and varied so that anyone wishing to trade might find something they'd like to take home.

It has become a rather zen production line, creating 4 or 5 at a time, cutting and pasting and trimming and mark-making leaving my mind free to wander and ponder: Will people step up and play? Will people get the concept of creating something to immediately turn around and give away? Will they agonize over their inability to "make art"? What supplies do I need to bring?  Should I bring my own collection? Should I include the history of ATCs somewhere?

Which of course took me down the path of how ATCs have evolved from an Outsider Art thing and Mail Art thing into a Somerset Studio thing.

Which of course makes me just a wee bit grumpy and agitated. And I know I've tarred many mixed media artists with the SS brush but they truly wrecked so many Good Things, shining that big ol' generic light and making it all commercial and shit. And I know I should just get over myself, let bygones be bygones... and then I'll see someone mention ACEO and I want to stick a hot pointy stick in someone's eye all over again.

So. Here. My two cents on the ATC.
They are Artist TRADING Cards. Or ATCs for short. Not ACEOs.
They are not for sale. They are for trade.
Preferably in face to face exchanges though by mail is also acceptable.
They should measure 3.5x2.5" in size.
And because they're supposed to fit into those plastic card sleeves (remember?), bigger is definitely not cool.
But smaller? Well, I happen to have a fabric and fuzed glass ATC that makes me swoon and I am totally not going to send out the ATC Police to take off the artist's right ear. Just sayin'.
They can be made of anything.
Cardstock, paper, metal, wood, fabric (and fused glass!), plastic. Any. Thing.
You can photocopy them. And you can scribble on the photocopy. Or not.
You should sign the back. And your contact info (email or mailing address) is nice. Adding your own Artistamp? Rocks the free world.

But the idea, dear SS people, the intent is to make mini works of art and share them with someone.
So stop trying to control shit that isn't your's and make some AT(fucking)Cs.
Just sayin'.


  1. yep, that was your outside voice.....love it:-))

  2. oh, I actually have never heard of them before. sounds like a great thing to do. I'd ask where I can sign up for this, but I might not be getting something and you may rip my head off for it ;)

    1. oh, and on a totally unrelated note. is this blog still hosted on blogger, and if so, who did your template?


  3. oh, how I love me a good rant. agree, agree, agree.

    1. heh. glad to know there are a few of us.

  4. Wow, I like your attitude! I'd kinda like to get in on this, too--where are you? I live in Logan, OH, so Face to face may not work, but I do adore snail mail (delayed gratification, mmmmmm) How mant ATC's are we talkin'?