Afterglow 2013

I've been preoccupied with last minute updates and preparations for Afterglow, taking place this Saturday from 6-11pm ... that's like, y'know the day after tomorrow. oy!

I think it's gonna rock.
My only concern is whether folks will want to MAKE art rather than y'know look at art.

As I was mentioning to Tom this morning, people seem to love to participate in dance or music but ask'em to sit down and put pen (or crayon or paint) to paper? and they get all self-conscious and ewww-y!
If you're local and are wondering what to do on Saturday night?
Please. Come. Hold my hand. You don't even have to make an ATC (but you're gonna want to, trust me!).


Petra said...

ha, I wish I could come. I'd be the best at being self-conscious :)

Jen Worden said...

You? Self-conscious? I highly doubt it. You'd give me a hip-check, shove me under the table and take over. ;)

Mary Jo said...

OH MY GOSH! I WISH I COULD BE THERE! So envious! Have fun!

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