Time flies...

... I hadn't realized it'd been 2 weeks since my last update. I knew it'd been awhile but ... yah... that flying time thang. oy!

One of the downsides of moving this blog thing closer to reflect "art" than "life" is I feel I need to show stuff to you. And while I have a metric buttload of stuff done. I just couldn't seem to get photos taken. I know. First World problem or what?! geez.

Anyway. I finally FINALLY finished the next pieces in the doggie series.
These have taken waaaay longer than the first 3.
My standards are going up I guess. heh.

Without further ado ...

uhm. yep. they're Green Dogs. :D
I don't know why. I simply chose two colours (Pthalo Turquoise/Nickel Azo Yellow) plus Payne's Gray/Titanium White. What? No Quin Gold?!? Nope. Not a titch! I know. Right?!? heh. (okay clearly I'm a bit loopy cuz no one would get that. ever. only it makes me giggle enough not to go back and delete it. so there. like I said. loopy!)

I have some other stuff to show too but I think truly 3 things at a time is all anyone can tolerate.
Am I right?
aaaaaaannnnndddd... I'll try to get over that whole Show'n'Tell mentality.
cuz it's not like my life has just. stopped.
in fact ... rather full to the brim right now.

and I haven't even TALKED about France.
2 weeks.
2. freakin. weeks.

so much to do.
so little time.

(yep. def loopy!)


  1. I can *tolerate* more than 3 things at once ;>D
    what's this about FRANCE?! Could have been sleeping in my cave, but I think I missed that little mention!
    They will have some inspiring woofers over there ... so stylish ... who knows what direction the dogs might lead you next. Glad you're full to the brim, me dear.


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