the sun! the sun!

Okay. so it's cloudy today.
but all weekend? sun. and heat.
be still my heart.

I love these late Spring, early summer days.
Such potential.
Such rampant growth.
It fills my heart so full I can barely breathe
Or maybe that's the pollen-laden air.
Either way? Love!

I got some of my vegetable garden in over the weekend. I was remiss not starting any plants this year but was thrilled to find some good heirlooms at a local nursery. They also happened to have ground cherry transplants. stoked about that as I'm not sure mine will self-seed this year given the hard winter.

If you haven't eaten ground cherrys before? you are totally missing out.
I've heard they make a delightful jam but Stella and I always end up eating them directly from the garden.

Stella loves peas!
Hmm... thought I'd posted this photo before but guess it was elsewhere.
It never fails to crack me up. This is Stella waiting for peas. She sits waiting for her share and if I take too long there is much wookying. She loves her veggies that dog!

This week is shaping up to be busy ... I have a few art projects to get finished and out the door this week as next week we'll be gone for a few days helping Son#1 with house selling touches.  I also want to get my Doggie Series ready for sale - touch ups to the edges etc. And I have another 3 in the works. And if the sun comes back, it's going to be tough to stay inside. Better get a move on for today then! TTYL xo


Petra said...

sounds like we are all having a good time :)

Jen Worden said...

amazing what a little sunshine and warmth can do,huh?!

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