How much for that doggie...

Finished Doggie Series ... 6x6" (I think ... I'm too lazy to go up and measure them. I know. so unprofessional!) canvas. mixed media.

Series - Doggie 1

Series - Doggie 2

Series - Doggie 3
I've been using etsy as a visual inspiration tool much like tumblr and pinterest for yonks. it's been a very long while since I've had anything to sell. but these may end up on there. eventually.

I remember when I started out I'd throw my stuff on ebay with $1. starting bid.
sometimes a bidding war would boost prices.
most often, folks got a great bargain.

does anyone even use ebay any more?!?

y'know. I've always been a bit leery of the whole 'set your prices high because low prices devalue the work' mindset. art is so often priced out of the hands of the general collector. I'd far rather someone have a piece of my work and enjoy it in their own home than have it sit in MY home unappreciated. and  yes, I do understand that I am in an enviable position where I don't need to support myself through my art. but I still think I'd rather folks be able to afford my work than not.


I'm a rebel. what can I say?!?


  1. I completely agree with this sentiment...

  2. yeah, I'm not sure on that one. I get your point of view. I also get the 'but I need the money' point of view. I'm a rebel. albeit a starving one :)

    1. alas, "I need the money" is rarely why artists complain about low pricing. if they did? I totally get that. pricing out of everyone's reach however in order to raise the value? not so much!

  3. hmmm..maybe I could afford another piece of your work... I like doggies. Do you do commissions (loosely based of course) on the amazing doggies of your friends....??


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