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Real Talk...Hello! Goodbye!

I've lived my life online since 1995. Sometimes every waking minute. Sometimes with giant stretches of downtime. Perhaps you've noticed I haven't been around And always it seems, my newsletter.

I've been living through two catastrophic events 24/7 by-my-side pup of 14 years getting a debilitating disease that continues to this day. And my husband getting seriously ill. Hopefully, we are on the other side of Tom's sickness. We are still contending with Stella and what that means for our...her...future.

The point of all this is trying to keep up with an online presence became overwhelming in an already stressful existence. As we move from Crisis Mode to Ongoing Uncertainty Mode, I've realized...and this is a big one folks...I'm no longer invested in putting my life out here. And to be perfectly frank, I'm not even  interested in sharing my art life either...though that may change. 

So what does this mean for you?

  1. Over the next month or as I'm able, this website will become a static repository for artwork. Or something. Regardless, there won't be any more Friday Musings or attempts to resurrect my failed newsletter attempts.
  2. My Facebook Artist page will go away. And maybe even my personal page because Facebook sucks giant monkey balls.
  3. I'll continue with Instagram but it will be on a  much reduced time frame. More "when I feel like it" than every day.

I've made some amazing friends out here and rest assured I will continue to reach out and enjoy your virtual company.

Thank you for taking the time in your busy lives to read and chat over the years. I've loved it all immensely!