collabs ahoy!

two for the moment ... one is super sekrit because that's the way we play. the other is a round robin titled, "Super Hero Tome" with 5 players. the idea: we each create our own super hero and each artist adds to that super hero's arsenal of abilities. I tried, I really did, to play within these confines. only I confess, I am not much into Super Heroes. or dreaming up alternate abilities. I attempted creating a book and it just blew. like giant monkey chunks. so I stopped and rethought. maybe I could revamp the interpretation. and the Super Hero Handbook was formed. it really kinda rocks. only I forgot to take photos before it got sent off. doh! I'm hopeful others will take some and I'll post'em here. or y'all will just have to wait until it gets back to me.

this one though is for Katie's ... she created an additional challenge by creating a poem to go along with her Super Hero.
“With a heart forged in purifying heat of December’s Centaurian fires… and hardened by a frigid storm on a magical winter solstice night… she fights for truth and justice, with all her glittery might.”
she said we didn't have to keep on with it, but ya know, never one to step away from a Challenge, I gave it my best poetry try. I came up with my verse first:
"With scepter raised she rises soaring skyward
Wings from spine carry her aloft at her call
Listening to the wind for cries of need and despair
She sees all."
I divided the verse in two and the rest came pretty easily.

 I'd forgotten what a messy artist I am ... oy! I tend to be a by-the-seat-of-my-pants creator and quickly realized I needed to protect Katie's work and her book. it makes me rather paranoid that I'll shit on someone else's parade (read: work) which is why the super sekrit collab has me dancing in the hills because plundering and sullying will be welcomed. phew!

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