waxing nostalgic

I've been feeling very nostalgic lately ... for past collaborations and challenges and art groups. The downside of facebook and twitter and google+ (added only because I succumbed and "upgraded" which I'm totally not convinced does ANYthing for my overall experience thanks a lot google. geez) is people have less reason to visit websites featuring just one person. And there are so many other challenge-type websites now how can a single blog compete? Well. They can't. Hence a bit of melancholy for what was. Don't worry I'll get over myself.

For the interim, I'll enjoy perusing some old challenges. This one was my Assemblage Challenge. I asked folks if they'd send me some stuff. I'd make something and send it back to them. With 2 caveats ... no time frame AND I got to keep what I didn't use. Seemed fair to me. And I think, most folks enjoyed what they received. The idea came from someone in my localhood who asked if I would do a commission with things they'd give me ... presumably stuff that had some sentimental value. It kinda sorta freaked me out because I'd never attempted anything like that before. My assemblages were always made from my own stuff. So. I figured I needed to see if I could actually create something worthy from someone else's stuff.

You be the judge. Did I succeed?

Carla's Stuff + Finished Assemblage

Judah's Stuff + Finished Assemblage

Fin's Stuff + Finished Assemblage
Staci's Stuff + Finished Assemblage

Teri's Stuff + Finished Assemblage


Petra said...

I like it :) and I hear you on being nostalgic. it's a shame that micro blogging and twitter seem to be the thing to do these days. and I don't understand why people voluntarily make themselves so small...

David Carson said...

Holy shit.
I want them all.

Corinne said...

jen- I wondered how long it would take to get you back - your posts are always wonderful top read, and your art is pizazz! Love the assemblages! hugs to YOU, my dearest friend so far away......

Jen Worden said...

oh good call! "why people voluntarily make themselves so small..."
I hadn't looked at it that way but they are aren't they?!
I will need to ponder this.
as always Miss Petra. thank you for being here. xo

Jen Worden said...

heh. thanks Dave! you could probably twist my rubber arm to take on just one more challenge. ;)

Jen Worden said...

thank you my friend. xo
I have been posting but very quietly.
as I have been actually creating art again, it seems I need to show it off. go figure.

Karen Isaacson said...

holy crap, woman, those are amazing! what a cool challenge. (and I do not understand the purpose of google plus one little bit)

Jen Worden said...

thanks karen. they were fun. *after* I got over the fright of working with other people's stuff!

re: google+ I hear the groups are supposed to be ..erm.. better. more committed or something. and you can have large group chats. which is pretty much like herding cats from previous experience ....soooo likely until a goodly amount of friends have switched, I'll be monitoring rather than participating. :)

Lisa Purcell said...

I sent you a box a long time ago and you sent me a gift in exchange and it was amazing. I have all of my odd bits in storage right now (we sold our house last winter). I wish I could get my hands on it right now but we are in Nevada for the winter. You said no time frame right? Maybe by this summer I will be able to get to it. I have several things you have sent me. I still have them. I treasure all of them.

Just Jen said...

Thanks Lisa. :)
... and yep. no time frame! (on both parts ;) )
this winter was a good one to spend in Nevada, I think.

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