new directions

So. (have you noticed how many people start their blog posts, sentences, dialog with that word? lots. lots and lots. and lots.)

I've been pretty regular in my art practice lately.
Totally a Good Thing.
Because I'm more balanced.
TOTALLY a Good Thing.

Only what I've been making hasn't really been turning my crank.
But it's about P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. right?
I have a metric buttload of 5x7s. so I've been churning out highly textured itty bitty canvases at a rapid pace. only they kinda suck. or at least are boring. or they just look ... I dunno... too much like ME.

So I got this idea ...such a light-bulb moment you might want to sit down... why not use these textured pieces as ...ya know... backgrounds? I know. Right? Like NO ONE has ever done that before. Ever. (oy!)

Anyway. I got out my giant graphite stick and did a swoop. or two. oh! kinda looks like a head or ... I know... a face! hey. if I don't like'em I can always slop a coat of gesso over'em and give it another go. oh. boy. these do not look like anything I've ever done before. Good Thing #3.  I'm not sure I like them as finished pieces. but for now? they'll do Pig. they'll do.

fwiw, #4 is my fave. Tom likes #3 ... what about you? which one is your favourite? or do you hate them all?

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