Spring is here.
I saw it ...felt it... on my morning walk.
My feet padding quietly on bare-of-snow pathways.

Something primal, that connection with Earth.

Snow-free people cannot begin to understand how important this is.
And how fleeting for us North People where our ground can be hidden for over 6 months at a time.

Spring is here.
And not a moment to soon.


Petra said...

lucky you. we still got snow. it's not covering anything. but it's still falling out of the sky. how sad :(

Penny said...

...and none too soon I might add!!!

just jen said...

we still have snow in the woods.
and it's still falling from the sky.
but I saw it. I did.
my story.
sticking to it.

just jen said...

it seems to have been a rather long arduous winter this year!

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