doing it. again.

I couldn't stand it.
So I succumbed.

If you've come here via your bookmark (or reading via rss) you probably won't notice.
But I'll point it out. In case you want to keep up with the times.

I bought and pointed it here.
(the bitches that are the domain hoarders snarfed so jjw will suffice)

Pretty sure I'm sticking with blogger.
It's easier.
Not to mention the price. it's right.

and even though it IS easier (because it ain't self-hosted wp) it didn't stop me from frigging around for most of the day with pretty layouts. and added pages. and editing labels. (oh ferfucksake blogger we all know they're tags. just call them that. oy!)

nipping and tucking DIDN'T stop me from getting in my hour walk or my workout ... week 3 and weights have been upped, times have been stretched. go me!

and see, I've been pretty consistent with artmaking too.
and I needed some place to organize things.
that's my story. sticking to it.

here's one of the 10 cards I (finally) created from my course on my values.
the one I mentioned.
about how art is created subconsciously.
often without any seeming help from our ego or id or whatever the fuck.

for the value "Personal Meaning". and it is fraught ...fraught I tell you... with meaning.
scary deep.

I do not pre-think what I stick down in most collage I do other than have the theme this case "personal meaning"... tripping through my brain like a mantra. then I sit there and pull stuff out of my paper drawer ...the one stuffed full of pictures from magazines, old book pages, snippets of text, dictionary definitions. all very stream of conscious and never second guess myself.

tear, slap 'n' glue.

then I slather thin swathes of paint, make marks, add ink, slather some more paint. and when it feels just right... still semi-conscious... I set it aside and go someplace else. Sitting is key. I have to forget what I did.

a few days to week later I haul'em out and take a look.
that's when the hidden meanings hit me upside my head with a Clue By 4.

of particular interest on the above piece:
  • words in the upper left corner ... wisdom, mother, wit, common sense, solidity... all personal important descriptors
  • No. 28 ... my birthdate
  • "what lies beneath" ...I'm often described as calm, cool, collect with emphasis on cool. if you've read for any length of time? not so much inside. I have that whole duck thing down but good!
  • I'm pitiful, really... PITIFUL at functions.  the math kind. not the social kind. though I pretty much suck at those too.
  • the big dude sweating? with the young thing kicking his ass? how I feel about any personal athletic endeavors. (I'm the big dude in case you were wondering)
  • Shine was my word for 2009. (yes, the irony is not lost on me. I get it. oy!)
  • and maybe the piece de resistence ... David. the name of my uncle (sexual predator). the name of my insane bil.

So. Yah, Mr. Pressfield. I'm with you on the idea of creatively taking dictation.


Petra said...

ha, just be careful with the workouts. I successfully ripped the skin of my ass by doing too many sit-ups. and both my feet are numb because I screwed up my lower back with who knows what kind of exercise. sport is going to kill us all!!!

just jen said...

wtf?!? how in hell did you rip your skin?? oy!
fyi, I hope you're just doing crunches and not 1950s regulation situps cuz they'll snap your back. not. kidding.

as for me? I'm taking it SO slowly my forward movement is imperceptible. been on the recovery couch too many days in my life. xo

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