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As part of the course I took, I have been diligently writing my daily list while having coffee in the morning. And for awhile "Art" was on there but never got checked off.
Hey. It happens.
And I'm learning to be okay with that.
No one sees this list.
No one but me is standing in judgement and again, I'm learning to give myself some slack.
If the items on the list don't get checked off today? Maybe tomorrow.
And I keep writing my daily list with that in mind. As Steph said, 60% is still better than 0%.

But. One day, I DID check that sucker off.
And then another.
And another.
And look!
Not one. Not two. But a whole bunch of art for your perusal.
Aren't you lucky?

Okay. Maybe not.
But you can look anyway.

This first photo is a series of 6 textural acrylics of which these 4 are kinda sorta complete.
See the one in the top right corner (that'd be #1)? I finished it w/a new-to-me Golden polymer varnish w/satin finish.
I hate it.
It just mutes out all that texture I worked so hard for.
So now you know why it looks kinda soft by comparison to the others. I have to figure out what happens next for poor ol' #1. It might need to go to the great art garbage bin in the sky.

Numbers 1 thru 4
 The next two are WIP (aka works in progress) in encaustics. I have used wax before but not to this extent. And I have to tell ya? I am struggling! Nothing like delving deep into a new medium to make one humble. oy!

I'm pretty pleased with the one I call "Reluctant Recluse". But because I believe in full disclosure, it started out as an acylic piece using molding paste and a photo I took of Tom & Stella so a lot of the texture you're seeing is from that. Not from the wax. Kinda cheating. But hey! These are experiments. Sue me.

The second one is full on wax and as you may be able to see I'm having a tough time getting that freakin photo to stay put. And it's messy. Oh. So messy. As Bri says, though, be prepared to make a lot of ugly before you get the hang of encaustics. Okay. Bri. Here's the ugly! lol

The Reluctant Recluse ... an experiment in wax

WIP ... an experiment in wax


  1. especially drawn to the inclusion of *words* including the red ones I can barely read on the bottom piece & the backwards ones on Reluctant's the mystery of it all, I think. Encaustic is a mystery to me, too. Like being encapsulated in a shroud.

    Henri Cartier-Bresson said, "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst." There is such FREEDOM in that! It hung on my studio wall for years.


    1. text, particularly backwards text, has always been part of my symbology. the idea that the key to life might be there yet still beyond my grasp. or something.
      if you really want to know the red script says, "writing small in wax". heh.

      I think if I'd had to read those words day after day, I woulda hit myself in the head. different strokes, right? ;) patience is NOT one of my virtues.

      thanks for commenting Miss SP! xo

  2. yay for making time for art! lucky us to see your lovely work. encaustics fascinate me and I really want to learn how to do it. I just don't think my current space is geared for it, but I just met a local artist who is willing to teach me in her studio (now I just need to find the $). I really love your reluctant recluse.

    1. aw thanks Karen! it's humbling for sure. I'm experimenting as cheaply as possible using an electric frying pan as my palette, I already had a heat gun. I did spring for some already mixed "medium" (read: beeswax + damar crystals) to see what the consistency is so I can continue to make my own. I'm using wax crayons and oil paints as my pigments. I'm sure the encaustic police are having conniptions! lol

  3. these are brilliant. keep going. and yes, 60% is more than nothing, same like 2 billion probiotics are more than nothing... ;)

    1. thanks Petra! xo
      probiotics are top of mind as my girl kidlet is dealing w/yeast infections. they are crazy!

  4. Great! I love the look of encaustic - always a bit of mystery underneath the wax. I took a short class on it and found that it wasn't 'my thing' so I always love seeing what others create in this medium. You've made a wonderful start.

    1. yes layers are so much fun. the jury is still out on whether I like it or not as I can do most things with acrylics. but there is something about wax that kinda makes my heart beat a bit faster. :)


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