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Intentional Creation


Sometimes creating things go fast...the idea, the implementation, the completion. Other times? Like pulling teeth. It's just hard. The ideas are vague, dead-end paths abound and finishing seems to take forever. 

And sometimes, as with these three the idea is crystal clear, the starting points are quick and easy and then? Silence. 

Previously, when confronted with months long lulls between ANY action, I've been impatient to GET ON WITH IT! and push along with no real end in mind, just Do It. Usually with less than satisfactory results. They never reached their potential or the message was muddy or whatever STARTED their journey was never resolved. Like those books or movies where it feels like an editor said, "This needs to be finished NOW" And suddenly there's a giant spider in the bedroom.

And I realized that what I'm looking at is this transitional space between "free play" and "intentional creation". Moving forward without a plan, a clear vision, will result in a muddy, half-formed end result and these three deserve much more than that! Maybe ...just maybe... I'm maturing after all these years. Could this be "The Wisdom" we all hear about?!?