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January 27, 2023

posting every day

Something I've been thinking about lately ... posting EVERY. DAY... on Social Media (and when I say that I'm really talking about Instagram. Facebook is its poor cousin for me these days) I read a post the other day (coulda been yesterday. coulda been a month ago.) about how we are short changing ourselves, hurrying to post a finished work every day.

Finished? Every. Day. Let that sink in for a second.  

How? HOW?? Oh! I get posting during a challenge when maybe the work IS finished but likely not thought about, or thoroughly fleshed out. Been there. Got many tshirts ...shoved to the back of the drawer never to see the light of day again, I might add. 

Let me step back for a second... last year I was gungho to get my Instagram account over 1000 followers. I don't know why. Just seemed important at the time. And so I started posting every day. Initially on the weekends too although that waned after a month or two. And you know what? It worked. Go me! Only..

“A goal is something that goes away when you hit it. Once you’ve reached it, it’s gone. ” Jason Fried, founder and CEO of Basecamp
And I just kept doing it. Posting something. Every day. My numbers grew, my interactions grew, and my need to keep doing what I was doing...well...grew. Or at the very least kept me in place. Then this quote started showing up. Not once. Not twice. But more than a dozen times.

"Never play to the gallery. Never work for other people in what you do. Always remember that the reason you initially started working was there was something inside yourself that, if you could manifest it, you felt you would understand more about yourself. I think it’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other people’s expectations.” –David Bowie
Okay, Universe. I get it. I'm listening.

The problem with posting every day is it's an insidious, dopamine fix.
As artists, we often work alone. And frankly most artists I know are introverts who prefer it that way (raises hand) but it also means we don't have someone to bounce ideas off or show our work to even if its to laugh at what a dismal failure today's work was. When I googled 'stop posting art online', google just dropped the 'stop' and showed me all the why's of how posting my art online was going to make me a "successful artist". The few articles that showed up about NOT posting art online was more along the lines of "why I had a Social Media break and why you should too' all touting how taking a break would have you refreshed and ready to return to becoming a posting maniac. (hmmm. this POST could become a drinking game... DRINK for every time I type P.O.S.T. annnnnnd GO!)

ANY. Way.

The thing is, if we want to grow as artists, dare I say human beings, we need to dig in. We need to wallow in the mud. For days. Maybe even weeks. We need to explore everything. We need to follow all those little ideas that pop up in the periphery as we draw or paint or apply wax, sew, cook, craft, whatever it is you do. And that takes time. And there is often NOTHING that bears taking out your camera and making a pretty Instagram worthy photo. I mean seriously how often do people want to see panoramic shots of your studio or works in progress on your desk or easel before they hit "unfollow"??? 

Lest you think I'm going to come up with some brilliant solution to wrap this up? Sorry, I don't have an answer. I just know I need to head down those art/idea rabbit holes to grow. And I also know, I'm not quite ready to leave the ethernet and go it on my own. Conundrum.

If YOU have any ideas how I can achieve both, please. I'm all ears.


  1. Jen, great musing. I don't create as much as you do, but I hear you. I have always chosen to follow artists that not only show me their art, but what inspires them. Lately I have been thinking I am seeing too much of other people's art and not seeing enough "source" inspiration. I haven't felt like creating much since I finished my altered book for my daughter. Thinking maybe I need to turn off instagram for a while and muse on what I want to create.

    1. How intriguing, Ruth. You've given me food for thought. I love the idea of showing what inspires! Taking media breaks to replenish ones creative well is always a Good Thing. See you on the other side. ♥️

  2. I am a pretty constant poster but I don't feel I "need" to post...only "want" to post. A lot of likes are automatic but I do get some gems in comments that always help me in my practice. I do post personal stuff sometimes but archive them after 3 days so my feed is all about my art practice. Most importantly I take a break when I need it. If I am just organizing my studio there is nothing to post so I either go silent or post about some other artist or event. I think it is a great tool and I learn so much from other artists like yourself.

    1. I think because I was so focused on getting those numbers up, I've lost FOCUS on what is important...sharing. Thanks for weighing in. Much appreciated. 💕

  3. I can't answer for you, Jen .... all paths being so different yadda yada. I've not experienced the desire *ever* to post every day so I can't respond to that feeling. Definitely can respond tho to being a reader on Instagram and I actually prefer far fewer posts from artists generally (except for Challenges, like you mentioned, different animals altogether). I know that IG and Fbook are all big games of algorithms (shame really) and what's happened is that, in just my opinion, artistic content has become diluted by frequency. I love to see the juicier (more infrequent) posts. I am utterly completely in David Bowie's corner on this :)

    1. I'd love to know what you consider a 'juicier' post, Christi. More photos? More words? I find most folks don't read the captions. Which is particularly noticeable when someone responds with a 'love this!' when the WRITING is all doom and gloom. Guess I need to learn to be okay with taking time away to deep dive and hope folks will still remember me when I return. Thanks for your thoughtful response, my friend. 🤩


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