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I don't know about you but as soon as the first calendar page of the New Year flutters to the ground, my email and socials become saturated with New You, New Life, New Project posts. And as I am sorta still soporific (a lovely woody word, thank you  Beatrix Potter!) from the holiday merrymaking, I find myself sucked in. Because Hello Shiny Things! I mean who DOESN'T want to be their best self, live their best life and be inspired by new fun* projects?!?

Thing is? Over the years I've found myself  following every rabbit tunnel down into the warren of Shiny Things only to pop my head above the surface in, say, June, only to find I haven't really accomplished anything. And this year, maybe more than others, I have GOALS. Okay. So maybe not GOALs. Maybe "goals". Or at least intentions.

If you've followed me over the last few months, you might be aware that I'm exploring new-to-me art paths. Abstract Landscapes being one (and collage and gridjournalling, art journalling in general) and I've said on more than one occasion "I need to go bigger." or "I want to explore this study, larger." Big. Large. being the operative and compelling me forward concepts, ideas. And I do! I want that for myself. I know from sticking with a #dailycollage I've learned so much: what I like, what I don't, what comes naturally, what I need to work on. How to set intentions. How to stop (learning. learning. learning.) It has been such a revelation (as well as a giant Well. Duh!) that IF YOU PRACTICE? YOU GET BETTER. 

I know. Right?!!

So I'd like to send a word out to all the Content Creators out there... maybe, just maybe DON'T start a new course, freebie class, year long exploration in JANUARY. Maybe. Space it out. The year is long. With lots of potential starting points. February maybe? When we, in Northern climate, would do just about ANYTHING for something new and different. Spring?!? A great time to jumpstart something inspiring. Or the doldrums of Summer when staying inside in the cool (and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. See above!) sounds just about right? Lots of potential New Beginnings. 

Because it's HARD keeping my eyes averted to all The Shiny Things. Thank you!

* fun ... I am trying to eradicate this word from my daily lexicon and was used ironically as EVERYONE uses "fun" as a descriptor. Particularly folks pumping art classes. WTF is fun anyway?!? I want to be beguiled, inspired, entertained, amused. It might be light-hearted or playful. Frivolous, even high-spirited. Use your words people. Your thesaurus is your friend! /rant