Jill Of All Trades

From my journal: 

What does being frittered in my art practice do to my Art? If I limited my materials how would that manifest? Would my work become boring? Or would it force me to become more focused and the work would become stronger? 

Questions I've long pondered.
Every day I walk into my studio and see it filled to the brim with assemblage objects...wood and rusty metal, tins and bins filled with collected "treasures". I have a metal/wire station, a painting station, a torch station which shares space with my encaustic hot plate. Two tables, one 8 feet long, one four feet long. Not to mention an entire counter at the ready. Shelves, jammed. Everything neatly labeled (because I'm nothing if not organized) awaiting an inkling of inspiration.

And every January I get back to this question... if I focused on Just. One. Thing. what would that look like? 

Don't get me wrong. I love being a "Jill of all trades". I love that I get to play with so many mediums. My hope, of course, has always been that one skill informs the other. But I wonder. Maybe it's stopping me from really excelling at any one thing.

I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts, you Jill of All Trades (or recovering Jills. Or Jacks)?

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