Dealing with Lizard Brain

Art making is kinda weird, isn't it? The practice of sitting down...or standing up...pouring one's soul onto canvas or paper or "thing", trying to sidestep Self, allowing a direct connection with Muse or Spirit or God. I can't think of any other activity in ordinary life where this might be a Good Thing. (though it may explain social media interactions. or modern politics!)

And when we can't...or won't...get out of our own way?  Ugh! The self-doubt and recriminations and inner critic. So. Loud. So. Obnoxious. And those of us who've been at this awhile KNOW we need to shut that down, IMMEDIATELY. And yet? Each time all that crap surfaces. Yet again. We believe it. Maybe only for a microsecond, if we're lucky. But we believe it. Over and over and over again. It's infuriating!

Case in point. I've had this idea of doing some monochromatic figure studies in encaustic. I've been collecting images. I've been imagining how I'd abstract them. I've been excited to get going on this in the New Year. Then online, a yearly challenge pops up that piques my interest...and you know, I love a good challenge. Lo! And Behold! January's theme is Black and White. Well if that isn't the Universe saying, "Hell to the Yah!" I don't know what is?!? And all of a sudden all that excitement for my New Year project turns to anxiety. Old Lizard Brain starts up, "What if it's not good enough? What if they don't turn out? What if no one likes them?" What if no one LIKES them? Where did THAT come from?!? Geeeeez! I've been procrastinating for a week because of that stupid inner voice getting in the way, stealing my mojo. 

In the past this might have stymied me for weeks and months! Kinda sad really, when the simple act of Doing It, Acting As If, Fake it til you Make it, shuts it up and you can get back to the most important thing, creating! 

So if YOU find yourself dragging your feet because you started believing your inner critic? Tell your Lizard Brain to Piss Off! Do one small thing...pick up a brush or a pencil, make a mark in your sketch book, prime some canvasses or...mix up some plaster and cover your boards! Look you're doing it! Go you! You rock! Shut up, Brain! 

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