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Hover Setting


What day is it?

Totally lost track. I think yesterday was Easter. I think we had ham on Saturday. Close enough.

To keep myself occupied - plus art = therapy - I've been working through something called Sketchbook Revival. Put on by Karen Abend for a few years now, it features 12 days of online classes, 2 per day, by an eclectic group of artists. Watercolour, mixed media, hand lettering, journal writing, creativity coaching, architectural drawing ...the list goes on. It has been a welcome distraction.

I've rediscovered watercolours, my first art love (and hate!). Turns out, I still love them. AND hate them! I've also kindled a vague periphery-want-to-learn passion for handlettering. Yay! New skills. Here are some of my journal pages.

 Also. I'm almost finished my sketchbook/journal. Hell to the yah!