Hell. In a Hand Basket.

I sat down yesterday to write a post. All bubbly and happy and promote-y about some new Things, Trinkets, Fripperies in my shop. And in case, you've been living under a rock (aka Social Distancing now) the world slammed the door ...with vigor... leaving the We Are Closed sign swinging back and forth. Back and forth.

I am NOT a media whore. I rarely if ever listen, read, watch The News. If something important is happening either Tom fills me in or I catch a snippet on Instagram or Facebook. And that's enough. Because frankly, in my neck of the woods very little actually pertains To Me. And sure. You can call me an ignorant tit but truly. How much do we really need to know?

Until yesterday, I've been rather oblivious to the whole Corona thing. Well. As much as one can with a husband who tends to be rather ..erm.. reactionary to such things. But yesterday? The world ...MY world... blew up. Every other Instagram post was about #washyourhands #socialdistancing #closed  #postponed #cancelled. I didn't even try to circumnavigate FB.

And posting here about my Trinkets For Sale seemed, I dunno, stupid (fwiw I DID post on Instagram but well before the World Went Mad) and at the very least, grossly uninformed. But y'know? Life for the most part still goes on. Even if we're analyzing our outings. (also fwiw... I've been preparing for Social Distancing. All. My. LIFE.) We still need to be entertained. We desperately need to look and think about something other than all the misinformation and hype that is plaguing the News. We still need to eat.

So. Be careful. Yes! But remember there are folks out there just trying to make a living so they too can snarf some hard-to-come-by toilet paper. Don't dillydally. Don't hug strangers. Stop licking lamp posts. Wash your hands. Visit your local bakery and coffee shop and restaurant. Maybe take it To Go, if that makes you feel safer? And you can always peruse my shop for some trinkets. I'll be sure to sanitize the fuck outta them before sending off!

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