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Hover Setting


Still Mine

ETA: this piece kicked my ass all the way to Sunday. I almost gave up a dozen different times ... when I melted the face when trying to solder it, when the neck just wouldn't work (who knew some copper canNOT be soldered?!?), when it looked just too rough ... even for me... and yet? I persevered. Kinda like Women. We are stronger than we know. Art > Life.

Have you been watching Handmaid's Tale?

We started with the first season 3 years ago. It seemed a bit TOO farfetched. A nice, cozy feeling of "Jeepers that's rough for ya Offred. Sucks to be you." Our world has caught up. This season has been brutal. Having me cringe with recognition. Feelings of  'there but the Grace of god go I'. Too. Damn. Close.

I've been paying attention when I read the "Artists make a difference", "Artists need to create", "Artists change the world" prettily decorated memes on the Miasma. I sure want to believe it. I contemplate how my silly ravens or paintings from my family's history make a difference or change the world. I know given the state of the world, I DO need to create. So, when Mariko (@snaatchiandsnaatchi) asked me to contribute a piece to benefit Women's Reproductive Rights there wasn't a moments hesitation.

Just so you know I know, I'm aware 'Still Mine' likely won't sell. And believe me I fought with that through its entire creation. Because really, what's the point of making something to sell as a fundraiser/awareness for a cause, KNOWING it won't. But I needed to make it. This way. For me. It is full of dispair and anguish and tears and memories and traumas and just the teeny tiniest bit of hope.

Even if I agree
Even if I say yes
Even if I don't put up a fight
Even if I can't defend myself
Even if I say nothing

My body is Still Mine.
I will be donating 100% purchase price to The Cause.

SOLD!! Thank you so much dear collector! xo