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Finding inspiration

After a big project comes to a close, I need a few days to readjust. Sometimes that means tidying up my studio, putting away all the flotsam/jetsam that has accumulated over the course of the creative phase of #artistlife. (but on every. single. horizontal space? geez!)

But sometimes even once that's done, I kind of flit from station to station wondering where I go next.

This morning I sat in front of a started project for which I didn't have an appetite. And while my go-to is often Miasma Surfing in this case I grabbed my neglected computer and browsed through years of photos ...tidily categorized over time... notably ending with the acquisition of mobile devices.

As I paged through travel folders dating back to 2005, I noticed I was drawn to very specific photos. Do you find your brain works away on something while your eyes are occupied elsewhere? Yah. Me too. And as I virtually meandered  from Cuba to summertime camping trips to France and London to Utah mine threw out the phrase "places on the edge".

And just like that I had my new direction.

Every single place I have ever been I'm always drawn to the path less traveled, the shadowy corner down the empty lane, the next bend down the road.  And almost every time I am treated to that tingly, otherworldly feeling of being close to the in-between. It is the place I feel most comfortable. One foot in this world. One foot in the next.

I think maybe I've been making art about this for years. Time to do it intentionally!