Next Step ... Divesting!

As we move along the design-build timeline ...even at these early stages... I look around our house and realize ... there is So. Much. Stuff. The life stuff ... accumulated dishes and kitchen detritus and shoved-in-to-fit furniture... is pretty simple to get rid of. (hello! massive Free-Cycle purge) But as ponder each room, each item, I see so many art pieces ...fellow artist friends and my own... that will not be making the move. And while it's still early days, I feel I need to start letting go, moving along so there isn't that "HOLY SHIT! We're moving in a week!" moment.

Over the next few months I will be posting items that need to be rehomed. If there is anything here that tugs at your heart strings, moves you, maybe something I've made in the past that you remember (likely I still have it!) let me know, would ya?!? Don't let perceived cost stop you. Cuz prices will be very fluid. I'm not trying to get rich here. But want the work to land in its rightful place.


soulfulground said...

I am looking forward to watching this! I have some purging/selling of my own art to do before WE move too! :)

Just Jen said...

Mary, it's going to be a process for sure! One I'm happy to embrace knowing casting off 'old stuff' will allow NEW to come in. (and yep, that might entail chucking some stuff!)

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