Getting back to normal

Normal is always subjective.
For me, right now, it means getting back into the studio on a daily basis. As well as walking every day. These seem pretty simple in the giant scheme of things but I've had The Ick for a month and it seems to be affecting certain materials usage again ... again meaning I had the very same issue last year after The Bronchitis/Pneumonia Debacle. Plus I get so tired, so easily that my walks are pretty short right now.

And this may be my NEW normal.

re: material sensitivities ... I'm staying away from known triggers (ALL the mediums plus, weirdly, gesso?!?) limiting my exposure to minutes rather than hours, slathering on a skin protector (beeswax/lavender handmade salve)  and remembering to turn on my overhead fan.

It's also interesting to note what or how one gets back into the groove after a studio hiatus.
Cleaning up, sorting/organizing has always been a tried and true for me. I'm always astounded what a dumping ground my studio ends up being when I'm away on a daily basis. (why???)

Once that's done, I move onto some journal work. Gluing shit down is always an easy segue into other creative work. And repetitive shapes ...stenciled, drawn, painted or collaged... also make for an easy introduction back into daily art practices.

Do you have a favourite way of getting your groove back?
I'd love to hear it!

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