Reflections while waiting

As we sit waiting for Myron to fix our van, I figured I may as well write out some of my thoughts so far, on this Epic Roadtrip:

  1. You can make do with much MUCH less than you think. Our van is less than 100sqft and yet we still have space for other stuff. Stuff we don't need. But still.
  2. Murphy's Law of Road Signs: The more signs you see advertising something, the less impressive it will be.
  3. The Corollary: Sometimes the Best Fritters in Canada really ARE the best fritters in Canada.
  4. You'll find out more about your partner than you ever thought possible. And love him all the more.
  5. Who the hell is the Willow Bunch Giant?!?
  6. While you can't control the weather, you can find an alternative. That's why camper vans have wheels!
  7. The Natives always get screwed.
  8. Ontario is massive. I repeat Ontario is M.A.S.S.I.V.E.
  9. Small kindnesses go a long way. 
  10. There needs to be more urban green spaces. They don't have to be epic or expensive. A few trees, some green grass and a bench or two. People will be much calmer. Urban Planners take note.
  11. Three things every town needs: An information center, public washrooms and free WIFI. 
  12. The world is an amazing place. Never ever forget this!
  13. Buffalo kinda remind me of dinosaurs. And they're really REALLY noisy.
  14. And on that note, wildlife sightings so far: 
    • Raptors galore
    • Songbirds aplenty
    • Canadian geese up the whazoo
    • Oh. And ducks too.
    • Coyote
    • Deer, moose, elk, mule deer
    • Buffalo!
    • Meerkats or prairie dogs or marmosets (note to self: google later)
    • Bear cub. Didn't see the Mama. Didn't really want to.
    • Domestic horses, cows, long-horn steer. And llamas. Or Alpacas. I can never differentiate.
    • And squirrels that totally looked like monkeys. (if there are squirrel monkeys why can't there be monkey squirrels?)
  15. If a campground tells you not to set up your tent outside the electrified fence, then don't fucking do it! I don't need to be half awake all night worrying that I'm going to hear you get ripped apart by bears. (and no, you can't come in my safe camper. bitches!)
  16. Lakes can look like the ocean.
  17. My brain is (almost) full to capacity of "different".
  18. Every campsite has something good. Yep. Even the crack-ho/meth dealer ones. And yep, we've stayed in a couple.
  19. Smile. It doesn't cost extra and you'll get a much better campsite.
  20. Our van has become the 4th "person" in our travels. I didn't quite expect that. I hope Myron can fix you Old Faithful. I miss you!


  1. 1. I've been craving less. I keep dreaming about Tiny House life but then I realize I could just get rid of stuff in my current, not-exactly-huge house...
    2. That explains a lot.
    3. Truth. Denis, in the middle of NOWHERE Nevada, really does have the best hamburgers!!
    4. Yep. My favorite part about road tripping with Theman. He's more fun to be around on the road too. :)
    5. I have no idea but as long as he doesn't steal your fritters...
    6. Yes to mobility and freedom and options.
    7. Breaks my heart beyond beyond.
    8. I will have to see for myself one of these days.
    9. Always.
    10. If I had a nickel for every time I thought this...especially about my little town. It's better than it was.
    11. And a quarter for every time I've though THIS. We DO have the public restrooms and info center.
    12. Yes. Yes it is.
    13. And stinky.
    14. Wow! So much awesomeness! I want a pet monkey squirrel!
    15. It makes you wonder how some people have made it this far in life.
    16. Planning to see Lake Michigan for myself for the first time this fall. Someone called it "the other ocean".
    17. I so get this. Do you ever wish for a "pause" and then "digest" button?
    18. All I need is fire pit and fresh morning air - dese

    1. Oops. comment interrupted. As I was saying...
      desert or mountain or luscious rain forest. No matter. Fresh. Air.
      19. Eye contact + a smile = the BEST campsite!
      20. Still sending the mechanical fairies to assist.


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