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May 10, 2016


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Or. The Universe conspires. Again!
  • I've had an Etsy shop for years but kept putting off listing my stuff.
  • A couple of weeks ago, an artist I follow on Facebook, was bemoaning the latest Etsy woes and decided to stop listing there and open a shop on Big Cartel. 
  • I wasn't familiar with Big Cartel, visited and opened up a freebie shop. It only allows 5 items at a time but I'm cool with that.
I linked to this in my newsletter (see? subscriber benefits!) a week or so ago, and now I'm opening it up to the general public. You'll find a few of my Herring Tin Shrines, a plaster shrine and the necklace pictured above. If (when?) they sell, I'll replace with other flotsam and jetsam that is cluttering my shelves (and tables and floor). I've priced things pretty low with shipping included. I'd love to hear your feedback ... on BigCartel and how it works for you as well as the shop's design/ease of use and anything else you'd like to tell me. Here. Or via email. It's all good!

Oh! The address:

Thanks for looking!

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