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Experiments. Busy Work.

I haven't been focused enough recently to start any new work so I'm experimenting and dealing with items in the "Finish This Shit" box.

Still playing with transfers. Which really is a fancy way of saying I'm printing my images onto different substrates other than paper. In a previously mentioned post, I've been using various mediums painted onto plastic. So far my preference is still digital ground as it gives a lovely crisp print but I'm still trying for more transparency.

So here's what a print looks like on the 2 gel/2 digital ground background looks like. Love the crispness of the inkjet print out onto the white background. Downside. It remains pretty opaque as this digital ground is white.

And here's what a 2 gel/2 clear gesso background looks like. Very transparent! But the print image itself is rather blurred. I also found that the gesso isn't nearly as thick as the digital ground so the entire 'transfer' is quite thin ... VERY flexible... and VERY sticky.

So much so it reminds me of what a Polaroid transfer must've reacted like. [Caveat: never worked with'em so I'm only surmising.] Still. Some cool things could be accomplished using this. Food for future thought.

On the weekend I scored some (half price!) CLEAR digital ground so stay tuned for that!

In my Finish This Shit box are a myriad of started items including this plaster shrine "Skewed Beliefs" which I finally finished and is now for sale on my baby shop [baby: because I can only sell 5 items at a time]

I've always liked this piece.
I also have a bunch of items I created in Stephanie's classes.

So keep checking the shop as I'll be adding things randomly.

And if there's something you've seen here and would like, please let me know!
My work is, I think, reasonably priced and am always up for a trade.