Throwback Thursday

I had to do some website maintenance today.
Fitting because it sent me back in time.
And it's #tbt. I know! Serendipitous Goodness!

These were really speaking to me ...

This was a spread in Miss Katie's book. I'm not usually quite so restrained so whenever I come across something I've created that ISN'T over the top? It kinda gets my attention. (good job Jen!)

 this is one of my Value Cards ... "Uniqueness" and it hits me on many levels. The child's face, the skull and the copious use of backwards text. Yep. I do like this one!

And this was a spread in Rhonda's book which I had completely forgotten about and *uhm swoon* fell in love with all over again.

 Is it wrong to love my own work? Nah! I don't think so!
And if it is? *meh* As if I ever do what's expected!