Curious Stirrings Part Deux

Curious Stirrings has arrived with Denise so I can now reveal the inside bits.

You might remember this:

And this:

And my first go at the interior here:

But this is where it finally ended up:

I'm always a little unsure when I return one of these Assemblage Challenges, that I was able to make a connection in some way and pleases me when I'm able to in some small way grasp onto a thread from their inner self.

Denise said:
...its like you took a look into my soul and saw what was there...

Thanks for letting me play with your stuff Denise. xo

(and should you want me to tickle YOUR fancy ... send me your stuff!)


  1. Oh! Now I know what the little legs were - the knitting needles. Oh my goodness - if you knew how long it took to dremel saw those little mongrels off!

    Now I said this on you FB page but I'll say it again: ohhh yes: If Jen's superpower as an artist is to peek into the soul of another, then she does it with a hand painted cape.

    1. Yes... the knitting needles immediately jumped out at me ... being Guerrilla Knitter Extraordinaire, I knew they *had* to be included in some way!

      A hand painted cape ... now there's a visual I can buy into. Thanks again Denise for letting me play w/your stuff! xo