The Protector

Lisa joined in the Assemblage Challenge in the Spring, sending these yummy goodies for me to create with:
SO many lovely things ... but it was the treasures in the little box that immediately grabbed my attention. Their juju was unmistakeably saying, "Us! Us! Use us!"

I do not look vibrant juju in the mouth. Yah. Okay. HORRIBLE paraphrase.
How about ... when the Universe sends me a strong sign? I listen.

I also fell completely in love with the little doll at the top ... something about that face, that missing foot spoke to me. And so I started playing around with this:
I glued on the wing-like sea glass to her back and removed her arms and legs. Surrounded the upper bits of sea pottery with copper tape and solder and the lower pieces I wrapped in gold. Found just the right chain and.... voila... the necklace emerged!

Now to create something that would hold the necklace ...hmmm... I moved things around, grabbed containers, laid this on that. It just wasn't gelling. Nothing was speaking to me.

And then I happened upon an old assemblage of mine called Firebird:

... and the pieces fit into place. I grabbed a box that could hold the skull as head but large enough inside for the little frozen charlotte. I contemplated which items would adorn the outside ... certainly some of those MS medallions and maybe I could figure out a way to incorporate the clicker too!

Only. The piece had other things in mind.
Try as I might, that frozen charlotte baby just did NOT want to be part of this assemblage.
But. His little suit? Yep!

And those removed arms and legs screamed to be a part as well.
Again. Who am I to argue?!?

I covered the box in aluminum tape (to ward off bad juju dontchaknow?!) and the body took shape inside.

Something was missing though and I tried all the items presented to me but it felt too open and I realized at that moment that the piece was called The Protector.

Found some screening and attached with handmade staples fortified with old tacks.
And a crown of dangerously sharp brass tacks.

The Protector:

The Protector holding the necklace:
This might have been the fewest contributed items I've used in one of my Assemblage Challenges and I hope Lisa doesn't mind TOO much. It sure wasn't for not trying however. And in the end, I think it turned out just as it needed to!


  1. I love this. I swear I was hearing footsteps upstairs in my new house and since "The Protector" things have settled down. It seemed to me a peace came into the house with its arrival and then when you told me his name, I thought, "Ah". I call him Dawson the Protector. I hope you don't mind my adding a name. I only call him that in my own mind. To everyone else he is "The Protector". He is awesome no matter what he is called and I think you used the perfect amount of parts. Sometimes art needs less not more.
    I love Firebird. If you ever want to get rid of Firebird, please trade or sell him to me. I love him. Now, that is a watchful fellow there. Thank you so much for this chance to participate in a challenge. I would do it again in a heartbeat. You make fabulous art!

    1. *finally* getting around to responding ... apologies Lisa!
      I'm glad Dawson is doing his job.
      Alas, Firebird flew the coop many moons ago ... but I've had talisman/symbology on my mind of late so there may be similar ones in my future.

      Thanks so much as always for your kind words and support! xo

  2. Replies
    1. Karen forgive my late acknowledgement of your kind words! xo

  3. I love Dawson. He seemed to pick the spot he wanted to hang in. I decided to move him to another spot. The clock I put in his original spot stopped working immediately. The battery died. I am not sure if that was a coincidence, but I moved Dawson back to his original spot. My husband just stared at me when I said I thought Dawson needed to be put back where he wanted to go. hahahaaa

  4. Dawson is simply cool. Thank you.


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