Crazy People

These last two weeks have been fraught with change and appointments and hellos and goodbyes.
Tailspin City for this normally quiet girl.

And between now and Thursday more ups, downs 'n' overs.
Because on THAT day, we head out to Salt Lake City to cheer on/support our son as he takes on the Xterra Championships, a check off on his Bucket List.

This will likely be the last update before my return. Be good!

As an aside, last week (or maybe the week before?) I received a piece I'd bought from Darryl Joel Berger called Oddy Knocky. A fitting face for my now named Crazy People wall. I didn't have a frame suitable ...and frankly didn't want to hide one millimeter of this amazing artwork so prepared a top mount.

Just as we were heading out the door on Saturday, I hung Oddy in his new home. Interestingly there must have been some hijinks while we were away because he was on the ground upon our return. I suspect Caspar* wasn't happy with his intense stare.

I've rehung him and admonished His Nibs that indeed Oddy Knocky's place really IS there and he should get used to it.

*Caspar = our resident and obviously OPINIONATED ghost. eesh!


Lisa Purcell said...

I love your wall.

Just Jen said...

Thanks Lisa. It certainly gets a reaction ... it's in our dining room! lol

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