working working working ...BREAD... working

like a busy bee, I am busily creating in my hive studio. the piece for the show? almost done. and I will post photos. it's a bit whimsical. forewarned.

in other 2014 endeavors ...aside from re-establishing a relationship with Real Life... and really that's pretty much an epochal  endeavor. hmmm. is that even a word?!? ... ah! indeed it is!

ep·och·al  (ĕp′ə-kəl, -ŏk′əl)
1. Of or characteristic of an epoch.
2.a. Highly significant or important; momentous: epochal decisions made by Roosevelt and Churchill.
b. Without parallel: epochal stupidity.
but. one needs sustenance for such an undertaking. and my second personal challenge is to recreate the Perfect Loaf of Bread. and yes, I have one in mind. it is crusty on the outside. so crusty it spreads itself all over the counter when cutting. and not moist (ahhh! I hate that word)... if left out over night it'll have to be repurposed for croutons. or bread pudding. with a holey texture. to sop up butter (duh!) or jam or peanut butter if you prefer. and crunches satisfactorily when toasted. with TASTE. a bit salty. a bit sour.

and I am close. oh. so close.

and I haven't even begun to tell you what's going on in my head. it's kinda full in there at the moment:

  • 5 more assemblages (angels of sorrow, mirth, light, the sea, the north)
  • 3 day workshop
  • 2 BIG paintings
  • plans for RAKs
  • dyeing
  • clothes sewing
  • handsewing/mark making
  • exploration of substrates
  • centre for the arts
  • heading south
 very. very. full.


  1. wow you are busy - try making the perfect bread when you've given up wheat!
    Lucky Don is the bread maker in the pack so he will be experimenting..

    1. ha! been there got that t-shirt (which obviously didn't last forever!) ... I found that it was best to not even try and replicate crusty bread. you can't. and all of the stand-ins are just lack-luster. embrace your gluten-free-ness! :)