rains? POURS!

Mother Nature seems to be mirroring my current reality ... sunshine and warmth followed by torrential downpours. Still above freezing which I can hardly complain about. This not about the weather.

One of my unspoken ideas/resolutions/intentions for 2014 was to move outside my comfort zone ... interacting a bit more with the Real World. I started with Afterglow and thought, "Maybe I should do this a bit more?!"

So. Even though everything in my being wanted to slough off an inquiry about me, my studio, my work, I took a deep breath and extended an invitation for tea and chat. Which led to a proposed show + workshop invitation. *gulp*

I can do this. Right?
Of course I can. (starts giggling maniacally) Of. Course. I. Can. (straightens shoulders)

And then today. Another invitation. For a group show.


The Real World found me under my rock. And it's bright out here!!

Angel of Death circa 2007


  1. Yes yes yes!!
    With your level of experience and time in assemblage, you will knock it over. How cool is this piece? I have missed seeing your work.

    1. Too kind grrl! and if THAT wasn't enough, my head is full of fabric and dyeing and handsewing ... and how I can incorporate all that into assemblage. I know. Crazy head syndrome! Thanks for visiting. it gets pretty lonely around here. :)