... I kinda slipped off the AEDM bandwagon.

Circumstances played against me. Tuesday, I realized that if I didn't get a package in the mail THAT DAY, my daughter wouldn't have it by her birthday (today ... Happy Birthday Dee!). So I went into a frenzy of baking and gathering (I KNEW there was a reason I hoard small silly toys) and by mid-afternoon a box all packaged was ready to head to the post office.

That was kinda creating, right? sorta art.

And then Wednesday ... well Wednesday was horrible.

I was going to recount the tale but frankly, I'm still a bit raw from the experience.
In a nutshell ... Stella cornered "something" under our shed wherein she barked and growled and YIPED, as she was attacked for three solid hours before she finally came out, exhausted, bashed and shredded.
Thankfully given the robust nature of Jacks, she's making an amazingly fast recovery.

But it does lead me to wonder how we're going to deal with this inherent prey drive moving forward. urg.

So. AEDM. Yes.

Well, I'll tell ya. In previous lives, interrupted part way through something, I'd likely throw in the towel. But these days, I'm all about trying to be consistent so, I'll get back to it. I HAVE gotten back to it in fact. I just don't have anything to show yet.

Here, though for your viewing pleasure is one of my Solstice Swap danglies completed before the wheels fell off the cart.

2013 - Winter Solstice Swap danglie


Lisa Purcell said...

That is really stunning.

Jen Worden said...

Thanks Lisa! :)
I hope the recipients like them ... not quite as "dark" as I am wont to do.

Lisa Purcell said...

I love your darker stuff even more but this is stunning all the same.. .

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