Day 8, 9 & 10

So far I'm keeping up with my challenge of AEDM.
Not so great about remembering to photograph and log in each day.
Cuz, ya know, my studio is like 2 minutes up the stairs when I forget to bring up the camera. doh!
Day 8 -  Beauty and Force of the Language

 This one really flummoxed me. My traditional modus operandi is to grab 3 or 4 collage elements that grab my attention. And generally my instinct is pretty good. No second guessing. Maybe they would have worked. On their own. But than I had this urge to use my new punch (the dark leaf shape) and adhered an aluminum tape leaf and the cut out piece from the punch out below the dark one at the top. And it looked ridiculous. I pulled off the 2 adhered shapes. Not much I could do about the punched out leaf. It was a train wreck. So I kept adding. And adding. And adding. It still doesn't work but I have to remember ... some days are like that. Beauty and Force of the Language, indeed!

Day 9 - Number 9
  All the texture on this one is gel medium applied then scraped through and over with various utensils, stencils etc. left to dry and then dry-brushed (actually my finger!) with paint.

Day 10 - The Womanizer
 And for this last one, I was going to do more to it ... had left it to dry but when I went back this morning? I kinda liked it under done. So it stayed the way it was.

Day 11 is drying as we speak. Hopefully, I'll remember to take the camera up with me tomorrow!

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