Living in the Real World

I made a momentous step yesterday.
I committed to participating in this year's Afterglow Bridgewater.
Last year I created/maintained their website and supported the initiative from the comfort of home.
This year I intimated that I *might* take part and have been hemming and hawing about it.
I left for France knowing that the application deadline fell directly within our time away.
SO passive aggressive ... or passive resistant in this case I guess.

Joke was on me though because Ashton extended the deadline until July 31.
No excuses now gf!

So. I leaped.
I have been hiding behind my computer screen since 1994.
Time to close that sucker up and walk outside.

I will be hosting an ATC Make'n'Trade session.
I thought it would be an easy ...and appropriate... introduction.
For me.
For art.

As a result, I am in the throes of creating a bunch of trade cards just in case it is just me and one other person. It'd be sad. But that is a possibility. This is Bridgewater NS after all. Tom however is keen to help out so we can trade amongst ourselves!

If you're local ... I'd love to see you there.
Saturday, September 28 from 6pm-11pm on King Street, Bridgewater NS.

If you're in my etherworld, thank you for supporting me as I make this teeny tiny foray into the scary netherworld! I don't know what I'd do without you. *mwah*


  1. Amanda's Birthday! Surely she will be there too. So you will have at least 2 people!

    1. well that's good to know! though I think she's left us by the 28th ...

  2. sounds fab. you may have to do it again next year, tho, as i'm not going to be able to make it this year... :)

    1. dang. okay. if there's a next year, I'll try again!


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