pretty things before I go

Spread 1 in Cindy's book

We're on the eve of leaving for France for 2 weeks so it'll be even quieter here than it has been.
And I appreciate ... it's been deathly quiet.
The sun finally shone today after 9 days of solid rain and enough family drama to sink a ship.

I've packed a little artmaking kit (sans scissors just in case airport security has no sense of humor) along with not one, but TWO journals ... a little Jon Carling pamphlet and a small 5x5" sketch book. I have this vision of sitting in a cafe arting away. We'll see how that pans out. I usually start out with great intentions and then  it fizzles out as time goes on. I'd like to think my "showing up" mindset will tide me over.

In the meantime, here are some book spreads I created for the Super Hero Tome RR. We're almost finished and it was such fun. Each book so very different. These are from Cindy Couling's book and Rhonda Secrist Thomas'.

 This one got away from me ... so dark on the right hand side that I added the shiny paper and the image on top with words "I had a vision when the night was late". I was also trying out some of the new crackle stuff I got.
 The coolest feature of Cindy's book was her use of box board for some of her pages. I wanted to make sure that was still kinda obvious, so I simply used a thin coat of white gesso and used it for the "word" page. The photo on the left side is from a wee painting I made on thin board called "Kiss Kiss".

Spread #2 in Cindy's Book

Rhonda's book was way cool too. A book titled "When Skeletons Come Out of Their Closets" ... a heavy duty religious book that was very scary to read! She'd deconstructed the book but left some chunks of the book signatures intact. This spread was done within that chunk. I used tape to pull off the original text on the left side and glued in a story "What Happened to the Dolls" from a girl's annual book. The triptych was an image provided by Rhonda who suffers with debilitating migraines. A piece of the text talks about a wax doll being melted away. I used wax as blood. On the right side I highlighted some of the book's text with tipped in/written in words "the monster" and an image, once again, provided by Rhonda. The pages needed to beefed up so I glued a couple together and then stitched them together.

I'm really happy with this spread and felt, generally, that I've gotten back into my mixed media zone. The only issue was that "Peace" was meant to be the second page, not the first. Oh well. Shit happens! Lots of lovely layering with my signature backwards text and tape transfers. Yep. Love these!

Okay. So see you in 2 weeks-ish. Be kind to yourselves. xo


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