So. France.

Before triathlon there was cycling.
When my two guys became involved in the local racing scene, I learned to master the fine art of the feed zone. Or how to hold water bottles with aplomb and grace and a grip of death to be released in a split second as a cyclist traveling close to 30kmh grabs it out of your hand.

The pass

Not for the faint of heart.
And I became a devout fan of The Boys of Summer (aka Le Tour de France).
Because we were all involved in cycling in some way, we talked over the years of being in attendance for the 100th Anniversary of the Tour.

Well guess what?
That's 2013.

So in a little over a week we will all be headed to France for 2 weeks.
Some of us will head directly to Saint Laurent du Pont.
Some of us will be starting out in Paris and riding down to the house we've rented.
Others will start their travels in Zurich then Bormio, Italy before finding their way south.

We will all converge here:

St Christophe sur Guiers, Isere, France

les Hautes Alpes

The only concrete plans are to see the TT in Embrun (Stage 17) and Alpe d'Huez (Stage 18) where for the first time ever, they will climb the fabled mountain, not once, but twice w/a mountain top finish. Be still my heart!

Le Tour 2013

Rest assured along with the glory that is boys on bikes, there will also be hiking and cafe-ing and market-ing and eating. and yep prolly a bunch of drinking too. But mostly BEing.

Excited? Oh. I think so!!


  1. How wonderful! Have a great time!

    1. Thanks Julie! Look for us on Alpe d'Huez! ;)

  2. oh, you're going to be on the same continent as me :) I wish we could meet up!!!

    1. well we arrive Saturday July 6 and leave July 21 ... :)

    2. I'm visiting my parents, and am possibly heading east after that. or west. who knows. might be moving to Canada for a year in fall. we might have to meet up then... :)


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