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January 30, 2019

On the Road

  • January 30, 2019

This  was a revisit to "orange and black". Individually strong colours but that in-betweeny mix? Pure Magic. The image was a left-over from the Conversations series. Hwy#2 through New England has many happy childhood memories as well as recent ones ...Tom and I travelled from Washington State across the US following #2. The 302 is a short diversion off it that heads south to Portland. It reminds me of freedom from routine, hot sun, stuffy cabins, warm pine and diner meals. The very best parts of a road trip!

On The Road

7 3/4" x 20"h
Plaster and gesso on plywood, handmade cradle board
Scanned photo on paper, acrylic paint, wax medium

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I'mJen Worden

Maker of Things

I'm still working on this.
The art marketing droids pundits tell me to be amusing but sincere. Short'n'snappy is the goal but please, explain why you're put on this earth to Make Art. I'm sure there will be something about Brain Monkeys. They, after all, are pretty much the reason we ...I... do anything. Unless that's just me. And there's gotta be a bit about living in the back of beyond and why that means Shit To James. Cuz it does. It informs everything. That and being insatiably curious and a Problem Solver. I guess if I hadn't stumbled into art making I'd be an engineer or a quantum physicist. Well. Except I flunked physics. So, I guess I should thank Mr. Watson for my Raison D'Etre.
Or Something.

Nova Scotia . Canada