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January 30, 2019

House Up the Street

  • January 30, 2019

I chose 4 images before Christmas to work on in the New Year. I'd been pondering the idea of personal vs generic imagery and decide "Houses" would yield both. As it turned out, for me, generic photos don't really work so they sat waiting while I figured out my connection ... my angle. This one became super personal ...the house my sister lived in after leaving home. tumultuously. an hour after she turned 18. At one point I had her face large as life on the light side. Too much. Too far. The words are from a song I would sing to her, Carly Simon's "Older Sister". I feel like I'm getting closer to that line ... personal but not so much it becomes uncomfortable for someone else to own.

House Up the Street

16"w x 14"h
Plaster and gesso on plywood, handmade cradle board
Scanned photo on paper, acrylic paint, wax medium

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I'mJen Worden

Maker of Things

I'm still working on this.
The art marketing droids pundits tell me to be amusing but sincere. Short'n'snappy is the goal but please, explain why you're put on this earth to Make Art. I'm sure there will be something about Brain Monkeys. They, after all, are pretty much the reason we ...I... do anything. Unless that's just me. And there's gotta be a bit about living in the back of beyond and why that means Shit To James. Cuz it does. It informs everything. That and being insatiably curious and a Problem Solver. I guess if I hadn't stumbled into art making I'd be an engineer or a quantum physicist. Well. Except I flunked physics. So, I guess I should thank Mr. Watson for my Raison D'Etre.
Or Something.

Nova Scotia . Canada