16 Sep 2014

The Protector

Lisa joined in the Assemblage Challenge in the Spring, sending these yummy goodies for me to create with:
SO many lovely things ... but it was the treasures in the little box that immediately grabbed my attention. Their juju was unmistakeably saying, "Us! Us! Use us!"

I do not look vibrant juju in the mouth. Yah. Okay. HORRIBLE paraphrase.
How about ... when the Universe sends me a strong sign? I listen.

I also fell completely in love with the little doll at the top ... something about that face, that missing foot spoke to me. And so I started playing around with this:
I glued on the wing-like sea glass to her back and removed her arms and legs. Surrounded the upper bits of sea pottery with copper tape and solder and the lower pieces I wrapped in gold. Found just the right chain and.... voila... the necklace emerged!

Now to create something that would hold the necklace ...hmmm... I moved things around, grabbed containers, laid this on that. It just wasn't gelling. Nothing was speaking to me.

And then I happened upon an old assemblage of mine called Firebird:

... and the pieces fit into place. I grabbed a box that could hold the skull as head but large enough inside for the little frozen charlotte. I contemplated which items would adorn the outside ... certainly some of those MS medallions and maybe I could figure out a way to incorporate the clicker too!

Only. The piece had other things in mind.
Try as I might, that frozen charlotte baby just did NOT want to be part of this assemblage.
But. His little suit? Yep!

And those removed arms and legs screamed to be a part as well.
Again. Who am I to argue?!?

I covered the box in aluminum tape (to ward off bad juju dontchaknow?!) and the body took shape inside.

Something was missing though and I tried all the items presented to me but it felt too open and I realized at that moment that the piece was called The Protector.

Found some screening and attached with handmade staples fortified with old tacks.
And a crown of dangerously sharp brass tacks.

The Protector:

The Protector holding the necklace:
This might have been the fewest contributed items I've used in one of my Assemblage Challenges and I hope Lisa doesn't mind TOO much. It sure wasn't for not trying however. And in the end, I think it turned out just as it needed to!

15 Sep 2014

Crazy People

These last two weeks have been fraught with change and appointments and hellos and goodbyes.
Tailspin City for this normally quiet girl.

And between now and Thursday more ups, downs 'n' overs.
Because on THAT day, we head out to Salt Lake City to cheer on/support our son as he takes on the Xterra Championships, a check off on his Bucket List.

This will likely be the last update before my return. Be good!

As an aside, last week (or maybe the week before?) I received a piece I'd bought from Darryl Joel Berger called Oddy Knocky. A fitting face for my now named Crazy People wall. I didn't have a frame suitable ...and frankly didn't want to hide one millimeter of this amazing artwork so prepared a top mount.

Just as we were heading out the door on Saturday, I hung Oddy in his new home. Interestingly there must have been some hijinks while we were away because he was on the ground upon our return. I suspect Caspar* wasn't happy with his intense stare.

I've rehung him and admonished His Nibs that indeed Oddy Knocky's place really IS there and he should get used to it.

*Caspar = our resident and obviously OPINIONATED ghost. eesh!

8 Sep 2014


As seems to be the general nature of my life right now there are giant lulls and equally ginormous frenetic motion.

I'm not sure why this is.
I only know it's been that way for pretty much. ever.
And I really should be used to it by now.

Finished up Lisa's Assemblage Challenge and sent it out today.
I'll wait until she receives it before I post complete photos though here's a little sneak peek.

Pretty pleased with how it turned out. Hope she is too!

Next up is local friend Chris's Assemblage Challenge .... already started working on it!

And finally ...FINALLY... will be sending the monster painting home to my son.
It makes me laugh. I hope he likes it too!



I think I probably overdid it. What else is new?!?

29 Aug 2014

Two Things

1. The Make'n'Trade at The Blockhouse School went well. Nine people (including moi) got their ATC makin' on; three of whom were creating in a public environ for the first time. I hope they enjoyed themselves. I know I did.

And we're doing it again. So if you're local ... join us won't you?

2. I'm working on Lisa's Stuff for the Assemblage Challenge. I've finished the first part and am moving onto the second. So far. So good!

21 Aug 2014

Art Play Date

I've been thinking about doing something like this for close to 10 years.

Good things come to those who wait?

Sure. We'll go with that!

28 Jul 2014

10 Teeny Things

This is the third in my "Things" swaps and was prompted by a friend seeing the 20Things Zine (pictured below) and wanting IN!

Assembly of 20Things Zine
20Things Zine (fin)
While I'm generally always up for a swap, the idea of gathering 20 artists (read: herding cats ... in the most LOVING way!) was daunting so decided that maybe Ten Things was in the realm of possiblity. And ten TEENY things might be a really cool challenge. Not to mention less postage for everyone. You would THINK at least! (apparently CanadaPost has a minimum size and charges MORE for it. Go. Fucking. Figure!)

Received and distributed (and received) here are the amazing contributions for 10 Teeny Things (2014)!

Windi Rosson - www.wrosson.com/
Amy McDonald
Bobbi Studstill - www.cobaltika.com/
Corinne Stubson - www.glitz-oh.com/
For Catherine Withrow
Judah Noah - JudahNoahArt
Lani Gerity - lanipuppetmaker.blogspot.ca/
Lauren Blair
Tricia Anders -www.patriciaanders.com/
Assembly of 10 Teeny Things

10 Teeny Things (fin)

Each and every "thing" was a sweet mini treat. The artists involved always step up but this one was such a challenge - elements had to fit within a small matchbox - I was so thrilled with the level of ingenuity and creativity that each person brought to the table. I love you all to bits!! xo

24 Jul 2014

Julie's AC - Rec'd!


Since Julie messaged me (she liked it! she liked it!) that she's received her assemblage, I can now show it in its entirety.

Here's what Julie gave me to work with...

And this is what I came up with (caveat: Simon Sez was NOT to return home!)...

Remember, I'm always open for an Assemblage Challenge!

14 Jul 2014


I was able to wrap up two things today.
The first was 10 Teeny Things ... all sent out and winging their way west and south. I hope the participants enjoy the contents. Once they've arrived I'll post full photos of all their hard work. Amazing stuff!

I also found (constructed actually) a large enough box for Julie's assemblage. I hope SHE likes it and her family don't find it too weird. For what it's worth Julie? I reigned in my weird as much as I could! lol

Now I'm moving on to my next Assemblage Challenge.... Lisa's stuff!

8 Jul 2014

go home Arthur!


Hurricanes don't help with updates.
Go figure!

Here are some sneakpeeks until I can get organized.