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July 14, 2023

Asking Questions


Over on my Newsletter, pretentiously titled "Travelogue of an Artistic Mind" [insert eye roll here...need to rename that thing!] I asked my dear subscribers (maybe you?) what they wanted to see in the future. Amazingly to me, over half wanted to read this Chatter McChatterson yammer on about Art and Life - sort of what I do here.

Which made me wonder what do YOU want to read here every week? 

So guess what? Survey time for you, too!

Note: IF you happen to subscribe to both AND you don't want to weigh in here as well, I totally get it. But. I'm thinking I'll do a sort of monthly recap on the Newsletter so if there are very specific things you'd like to read WEEKLY, please let me know! 

Clear as mud? Awesome! Let's get to it!

Click HERE if the survey doesn't show up!

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